• Blake Shelton TELLS ALL, Find Out What REALLY Made Him Divorce Miranda Lambert

    His New Album That's Coming Out Will Explain Everything….

    In his recent divorce, Blake felt moved to tell his personal story and let us in on the “whys” surrounding this shocking breakup. One minute, they were together, and the next — we hear he and Gwen Stefani, who also recently divorced, are together. Miranda isn't happy. Blake isn't happy. Gwen can't get over Gavin — or the fact that he was sleeping with their Nanny!

    With claims that Blake is writing more than he ever has in the last 15 years, this should be good. We will get some insight into what actually happened — and the juicy details surrounding them.

    Known for being “one of the good guys,” even by Lambert, who recently has entered the dating scene herself, Blake is looking forward to the new relationship with Gwen, speaking on how different it is than his previous.

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    1. Jaime Dawn says:

      Omg so sick n tired of hearing bout jackass blake. Go$#%&!@*away already. ENOUGH

    2. f**k that$#%&!@*he was a player thats all !!

    3. Jaime Dawn says:

      Hopefully soon it will happen

    4. Lori Kessler says:

      Old news heard it all

    5. He chose the voice over Being with her!!

    6. Ruby Sapp says:

      We don’t care get on with your life blake,leave Miranda out of it
      Went keep forgetting that you’re perfect

    7. Leave the girl alone’s over just let it go and quit trashing her.

    8. Jan Wilson says:

      Who cares once a cheater always a cheater he’s a fucking pig .

    9. He is trying to look good because he was cheating. Sounds like a man. Once a cheater always a cheater. Watch & learn.

    10. When is he going to move on and stop talking about his divorce.

    11. He was fooling around with Gwen

    12. Anonymous says:

      He can’t get over Miranda so he has to trash her sick SOB there

    13. Tired of this drop it and go on with your lives it us over!

    14. Betty Morgan says:

      This is Old news, nothing new

    15. Blake you can’t tell the truth if you tried

    16. Get over it nobody believes you

    17. Tammy Thomas says:

      It’s over and done with let’s move on we don’t put this much effort in other people’s divorces

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