• Blake Shelton Wants Tim Tebow Back In The NFL & Until He Does He’s Going To Throw A Fit!

    Blake Shelton Went On A Twitter Rant & Demanded That Tim Tebow Should Be Playing In The NFL…. See Why!

    We Love How Shelton Is Quick To Stand Up for What He Believes In!

    Country superstar Blake Shelton may be a singer-songwriter, but he has some strong opinions about professional sports, namely the NFL and why Tim Tebow isn't in it!

    After watching theĀ 2011 playoff game with Steelers vs Broncos took to Twitter to lament the fact that Tebow is no longer playing in the NFL and to ask how that can be possible.

    Shelton not only took a stand on behalf of the beleaguered football star, he also took time to converse with his Twitter followers on the subject. This guy clearly knows his football!

    For all the details on Shelton's Twitter show of support, please continue to Page (2) for the scoop…

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    1. We need more players with true values in the NFL

    2. Jaime Dawn says:

      Enough of pitiful blake move on to some real news

    3. Looks like Tebow is going to try baseball.

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