• Blake Threatens To Quit The Voice — Wait Until You See Why!

    He Threw A Big Hissy Fit & Started Threatening People If She Was Not Let Back On… See What Happened HERE!

    The Country Crooner Apparently Didn't Hesitate To Stand Up For His Lady Love!

    Country start Blake Shelton and pop star Gwen Stefani have been America's favorite new power couple since they confirmed their romance late last year. After all, they ┬áhad great banter as fellow judges on the hit NBC vocal competition show “The Voice,” and as lovebirds they're just too adorable!

    However, according to recent reports there may have been trouble in paradise, when the network decided to bring back original judge Christina Aguilera to replace Stefani.

    Well, Shelton wasn't having any of that, and reportedly threw a “hissy fit” demanding that Stefani be kept on the show. We can't quite imagine Shelton throwing a tantrum, but we can see him taking a stand on behalf of the woman he loves.

    For all the romantic details of this latest twist in Shelton and Stefani's romance, please continue to Page (2) for the scoop….

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    1. Donna A. Roy says:

      I want Miley back so much better with her!!!!

    2. I don’t watch the voice anymore because they both act like lovesick teenagers. It’s ok for them to be together if that’s what they want but they need to keep their private life PRIVATE

    3. You don’t have to watch

    4. They need to just take the off tv. It isn’t fun to watch anymore. Haven’t watched the last two seasons.

    5. She looks like a clown…

    6. Jaime Dawn says:

      Duh,, he had one his childish lil fits until he got his way to let her on the voice

    7. Fire the whole lot of them

    8. Sharon Ann says:

      maybe these 2 attention whores should not be on the voice get some real talent fire them both

    9. These two make me puke!! You really down-sized Blake. I don’t know if you cheated on Miranda, or if she cheated on you, or if both of you cheated on each other. I really don’t care. But, your relationship with Gwen seemed a little too soon after your divorce for it to not have been going on for some time already. Sad. I will not watch the Voice with both of you on there. You’re sickening together.

    10. Jessica Rose says:

      Definitely. And if Blake is stupid enough to let her x husband be apart of the voice just sell the voice to her before you wind up broke with her

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