• Carrie Or Kelly…? American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest Names The Biggest Star That’s Ever Won!

    Who Has Become The Top Ranking Country Artist? After A Decade of Performances & A Handful Of Winners He Reveals Who Is THE BEST!

    After fifteen seasons, American Idol is closing its portals to superstar success, as the television show says goodbye to audiences forever.

    In this time, a long lists of Pop artists and Country Music idols have been brought forth into our music collections. American Idol has endured many phases within the evolving Entertainment Industry. They emerged at the prime of record album sales on compact disc (CD) and helped lead the revolution into digital music, contributing to the standards of a new industry. They even standardized live streaming of events, bridging the interactive gap between audiences in person and those at home.

    With American Idol coming to such an emotional end, Today Show‘s Matt Lauer was prompted to ask Ryan Seacrest to take a look into the past of a career that made him a household name.

    Ryan Seacrest was asked, which artist was the biggest star — Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson?

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    1. Sarah Hassan says:

      Both are powerful singers but Carrie Underwood, is country.

    2. Carrie Underwood!!! My favorite out of all of them!!!!

    3. Carrie Underwood then Kelly.

    4. Kay Gatrell says:

      Carrie,,,Kelly is good to..but Carrie wins this one too

    5. Judy Summers says:

      Both are so talented, but have you ever heard Carrie Underwood sing How Great Thou Art? Unnbelievable.!!!

    6. I think Carrie Underwood you were right Judy with how great thou art beautiful

    7. Lulu Cox says:

      Love both voted for both

    8. Always and all time…Carrie Underwood….. there is no other…..

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