• Despite Being In Unimaginable Pain… Joey Feek Laughs With Her Daughter As She Continues To Fight

    The Country Singer May Be Battling Terminal Cancer, But That Doesn't Stop Her From Enjoying Day-To-Day Moments With Her Family

    By now, everyone in the country music community — fans and artists alike — have been following Joey Feek's devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer and her battle to make the most of her remaining days.

    Feek, who along with husband Rory makes up the country music duo Joey + Rory, has been sharing her story on a blog written by her husband. On “This Life I Live,” Rory has been documenting both their struggles and the joy they find in everyday moments.

    One such moment was a joyous encounter Joey had with daughter Indiana, who's nearly 2 years old.

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    1. Praying for you Joey

    2. Hang in there for your sweet babys birthday we all are still praying for you


    4. Bless you and yours

    5. Praying for a miracle, sweet baby loves her momma. God please spare this young woman’s life,let her be here for her baby.

    6. Jean Shink says:

      Praying for a miracle

    7. Joey you are an amazing woman I love you , God Bless you

    8. Velda Henley says:

      I can’t imagine what she is going through. She is the bravest and sweetest soul. I would never come close to being able to cope the way she is. I hope the family knows how much we are supporting and praying for them.

    9. Praying for Joey and God’s miracle!!!

    10. She is a brave and wonderful lady I pray for healing for her. May God watch over her and her family

    11. Lou Marshall says:

      She does have down syndrome

    12. Shacia Scott says:

      She a beautiful precious little girl all kids are a blessing from god she has been through so much in her life already her family has suffered a horrible loss my prayers go out to the family keep smiling indie

    13. KWCR Radio says:

      Awesome , very informative.

    14. Joey is in no pain now Rory! Keep up the
      faith brother. GOD Bless

    15. Loved Joey! Prayers
      for Rory raising Indiana. ☆☆

    16. Bonnie Davis says:

      I really loved her! She’s still an inspiration through her songs .!

    17. Bonnie Davis says:

      Love Rory and India! Rory’s doing a fantastic job!

    18. Prayers for comfort Rory. ☆

    19. R.I.P.joey I miss you so so much praying for Rory and Indy we love ❤️ y’all

    20. Praying for Indy and Rory may the little one get well,missed Joey so much RIP!

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