• Don’t Know Margo Price? You Will Soon. She’s The Hottest Thing In Country Music

    Her Story Proves That Perseverance Is Key!

    You may not know Margo Price yet, but this talented country singer is poised to be the next breakout star.

    Her mournful voice and dedication to her craft is attracting a lot of attention, including that of rocker Jack White, who just signed her to his record label. Her story may seem like the kind of overnight sensation you think only happens in movies, but she's faced several obstacles — personal and professional — on her climb to the top.

    In fact, she and her husband Jeremy Ivey sold their car and pawned her wedding ring to fund the recording of her album, though Ivey eventually bought back the ring. Plus, one of her twin sons died, which caused her to go into a  depression and turn to the bottle.

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    1. I don’t like the message of drinking & smoking pot. Nice voice though.

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