• Earl Scruggs Knows How To Steal The Show–When He Strummed His Banjo The Audience Went Wild!

    Check Out This 2006 Performance By One Of The Greatest To Have Ever Lived – Now This Is Country Music!

    The three-finger banjo playing Earl Scruggs may have left us in 2012, but we can't get enough of that ol' time strumming and bluegrass music.

    Joining his first band in 1945, Scruggs was an inspirational artist, who had undergone multiple transitions in his journey as a musician. In fact, it was this journey that seemed to bring him great joy. Fans often talk about how he would smile ear to ear, as he played… allowing others to feel the same passion that he felt in creating those beloved hits.

    No one could play like Scruggs, and definitely not that banjo. His strumming was so popular, it was named after him. His sound was so popular, he almost single handedly led the evolution of bluegrass music. In fact, it was Scruggs who brought Bluegrass to the mainstream, recording “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” for The Beverly Hillbillies, a hit 60s television sitcom, in collaboration with none other than Lester Flatt.

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    1. Carol Olson says:

      Love this music…from the land of Bluegrass, etc…..those artists have a talent second to none!

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