• Gwen Stefani Didn’t Even Know Who The Heck Blake Shelton Was Before ‘The Voice’

    Uh Oh… Gwen Just Got Caught! Poor Blake ~ We Bet He's Embarrassed!

    You would think that all celebrities that are super famous kinda sorta know about one another… turns out they don't!

    Actually Gwen had no flippin idea who Blake was or what he was about until he started working on the voice.

    The hilarious interview with Ellen DeGenerous shows what happened that made Gwen gravitate towards Blake and what their status is as a couple.

    Trust us… this is one interview you do not want to miss – It has a ton of juicy gossip about the two of them.

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    1. I can’t believe he left Miranda for her

    2. Sue Covey says:

      Me neither wen a woman doesn’t fit his life anymore he’s on to the next! He’s the cheater!

    3. Yep! Miranda a country girl!

    4. Him and Gwen are like mixed oil and water! Don’t care for Blake much anymore! I will still listen to his music but I think he made the wrong choice!

    5. I don’t care for him anymore either.

    6. That’s a lie.She has known Blake for a long time!!!!

    7. Who cares…. He’s a drunk and she’s trash

    8. Ha..Here comes the haters… Go Gwen & Blake !!! You are awesome together. Much deserved happiness for you both… <3

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