• Luke Bryan & Blake Shelton Jokingly Use Each Others Profile Photos But That’s Not What We’re Thinkin!

    As website Inquisitr notes, this latest stunt is just one in a long line of antics. They're famous for teasing each other!

    Here's What Happened…

    Those that have been following Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan’s friendship over the years know that they prank and joke each other like this all of the time – bringing their biggest fans and critics along for the ride.

    For April Fool’s Day last year, Luke got a fake tattoo of Blake Shelton’s face – a badly drawn, almost-caricature of Blake’s face. Luke rubbed it in by posting a picture of the “tattoo” on Twitter, asking Blake what he thought about his “new ink.”

    During a hilarious game of “Would You Rather?” Blake Shelton had a chance to shut Luke down with a punchline of his own. When asked whether he would listen to “Rain is a Good Thing” or “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)” on repeat for 24 hours straight, Shelton did not hesitate to show off his knack for impressive comic timing and witty responses.

    “There’s no other choices? I’m trying to think which one of them is country. Neither one of ’em really. I’d say ‘Rain is a Good Thing’ because… it doesn’t objectify women as badly as ‘Country Girl (Shake It for Me).'”

    We couldn't help but chuckle when we saw the pics they chose of each other. Clearly, they're good friends but can't resist just a little teasing. We'll be waiting to see what they do next — we're sure it will be epic!

    Article Source: Inquisitr



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