• Luke Bryan Is Sporting A New Look & We Have To Admit… We Kinda Like It!

    Is Luke Bryan Trying To Start A New Trend, Forget To Shave Or Is He Just Trying To Look Devilishly Handsome For Those Cameras?

    Wow, we have to admit… the stash looks good Luke! When he was out hunting with his son, Luke sported his new look that…. was WIFE APPROVED!

    *** Gasps *** For those of us who are married having something with the Wife Approval Stamp is sometimes hard to get.

    Or maybe he is like most husbands and is not listening to the wife about shaving it off. Who knows….

    Well, we think it is Wife Approved because he's had it for over 24 hours. However, that may change. The mustache that Luke started to grow out though may be because of another reason.

    Luke Is A Master Of Marketing So There May Be A Purpose – We're Almost Positive Of That!

    To Find Out More About His Hot New Look, The Reasoning Behind The Stash & If He Will Shave It Off….

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    1. I love me same Luke his a great father

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