• Miranda Lambert’s Dating Again — See Who She Found Love With After Her Surprise Divorce!

    Is She Or Isn't She? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

    When country music power couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton split up in a shocking divorce last year, it sent shockwaves throughout the country music community. After all, they were one of country music's reigning “It” couples.

    Since then, rumors have swirled around both of their love lives, with Shelton recently confirming a romance with pop star and fellow “The Voice” judge Gwen Stefani.

    Lambert, on the other hand, has tried her best to keep her love life private — that is, until people started speculating about a relationship between her and singer-songwriter Anderson East.

    For the scoop on Miranda's new man, please continue to Page (2) for all of the juicy details….

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    1. She took such a hugh step down with her new boy toy.

    2. You speculated it was a ploy to get Blake back, make him jealous? How stupid and lame could you possiably get think something like this, let alone make this kind of statement. Miranda has more dignity and holds a lot more class than to act or behave like that, unlike Blake, and need you be reminded it was he who has done nothing but flaunt his so called relationship around in everyones faces so quickly after their split making it seem to a lot of people to question if an affair had been going on causing the split, not Miranda, she took her time letting it be known was dating again handling it the right way. So don’t go implicating her being one doing any wrong doing!

    3. Camille Latella, how do you see her taking a huge step down, and he’s not her so called boy toy, since her split she has done very well for her self, writing songs, new songs that has made quite a hit, her own Star with her name on it, awards, singing at Grand Ole Opry, up for more awards, she’s beautiful, has so much class, more can say for the one shelton pi ked and been flaunting all over the place, who by the way trying to not only be, but act like Miranda dressing in camo, learning how to hunt among other things , she’s very unattractive, reminds you of Cruella de Vil, and Mirandas new man is more attractive than shelton, least doesn’t look old, and defently not a drama king like shelton. She has done ver, very well for herself!

    4. Your cruella de ville and an ignorant person at that/

    5. No, she’s happy with Anderson and has nothing to do with Blake!
      Let them live their lives separately!!!

    6. Who cares whaf either do unless ppl know them personally they have no right to judge either one I guess all the Blake and Miranda bashers was there when the cheating took place

    7. Again????? Who cares??????????

    8. Janie Link says:

      Love Blake . Him and Gwen are perfect. He’s has his best bromance Adam . Love them to

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