• New Blake & Miranda Rumors: Did They Split Because She Didn’t Want Kids?

    They Both May Have Moved On But The Rumors Surrounding Their Relationship Live On…

    Even before country music power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their surprise divorce last summer, rumors had been swirling around the pair for some time. When they went public with their split, the rumors just intensified, focusing mainly on infidelity on the part of one or both of them.

    However, a recent report suggests that something else entirely drove the two apart. In fact, if the reports from website Hollywood Life are true, it was Lambert's refusal to have children that caused the split from Shelton, who's always wanted a family.

    For the scoop on how the two are handling post-divorce life, please continue to Page (2) for the details…

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    1. Honestly who cares.artist should be known for their music aka art.not what’s going on in their personal lives…

    2. No we don’t NEED to know why. Its no ones business but theirs

    3. Lisa Riddle says:

      Come on give it a rest already!! Report on our police being shot and killed where’s your concern for them? Let them live there life!

    4. No we don’t t need to know why!!

    5. Let it go there go there own ways

    6. Becka Hogan says:

      No we don’t NEED to know.. and only a few WANT to know. This is beyond ridiculous.

    7. Who cares? I certainly don’t .

    8. That’s no reason to split!!! Love is strong!!!

    9. Deb Roman says:


    10. Betty Myford says:

      Who cares? No one’s business but their own. Shouldn’t Bo on anyone’s “need to know” list.

    11. It’s not our business! Let Miranda &Blake a long, if they want you to know they will call you and tell you.

    12. Well she’s said before that she didn’t see herself having kids so that could be a reason.along with the fact they probably barley ever saw each other

    13. It’s no ones business but their own.

    14. Really who cares. It’s over and they seem happy.m we are the ones who can’t get over it

    15. Lisa Jones says:

      I DO NOT CARE!!!

    16. Jeff Nelson says:

      Who cares,move on .Sick of hearing about them.

    17. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into the world as it is now.

    18. It’s nobody’s business but theirs.

    19. No her cheating on him was.

    20. More media garbage!! People fall out of love if distance is there for a long period & if another woman is involved!!!

    21. This is a bunch of bull$#%&!@* Move on people and leave Miranda alone. If she said it I never have seen a article on that maybe she didn’t want to have kids with him because he chased everything that had a skirt on. He is a cheater whore Hopper and a drunk.

    22. Leah Miller says:

      Please let it be!! It’s between them!! Let it Go! They have!!!!

    23. What ever , each one has a right to choose if they want a child if they can not agree then move on that’s life.

    24. When is the press going to let this die? They gave both gone on to someone else. How about everyone else move on also!

    25. Sara Simons says:

      He was with Gwen, not Miranda’s fault!

    26. Who f…..cares anymore!!!! My goodness leave these people alone!!!

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