• When Luke Said He Was Going To Pay Tribute To A Fellow Entertainer We Didn’t Expect Him To Do This!

    During A Rowdy Concert In North Carolina Bryan Decided To Pay Tribute To A Fellow Popular Entertainer By Singing One Of His Hit Songs & The Audience LOVED IT!

    A fan favorite of Garth Brooks, award-winning Country Legend Superstar, “Papa Loved Mama” isn't just a success, it is one of his most beloved hits of all times.

    The song came together almost by accident. Garth and his band were in the studio and just finished wrapping up a session with no more songs left to record. The problem was, they prepaid a block of time, and if they didn't use it — they'd lose it.

    How studios often work is that for artists and bands recording more than a few songs, they can book sessions for 4, 8 and 12 hour blocks, called “lock-outs.” They literally rent out the studio, a producer, engineers and any other personnel needed to make magic happen in the control room. Celebrity artists sometimes lock-out in keeping their privacy to focus on work. Because, no one else is recording at this time, the artist is responsible to pay for the full block — even if they don't use it! With quality studios starting at upwards of $125 an hour, it can get quite pricey.

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