• Blake Shelton Used To Do Beauty Pageants… You HAVE To See This!

    Blake Said He Competed To Pick Up Chicks But The Truth Finally Came Out… He Was Soooo Embarrassed!

    We Can't Believe This Footage Didn't Surface Sooner!

    I think we can all agree that country superstar Blake Shelton is a stud, but who knew he had the “it factor” all the way back in grade school? And while competing in a pageant, no less!

    Recently, Shelton admitted during a tell-all interview with Entertainment Tonight that his mother entered him into pageants when he was a kid. While he was more than eager to compete in the talent portion, however, you didn't get to pick and choose, so he had to compete in the evening wear portion as well.

    We bet even as a kid he looked cute in a tux!

    To learn more about Shelton's surprising pageant past, please continue to Page (2) for all of the details…

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    1. Mike Reams says:

      Blake went from a beautiful lady to a skank

    2. Hey Blake! Miranda got nominated for two more awards, but you weren’t on there, ha, guess too busy with Cruella de Vil to care or try do better, guess never will long as stay with her! Ba hahaha

    3. Kari Rae says:

      Sure some nasty people out there.

    4. Wow Rude @$$ people !!!!!!!!

    5. Love you Blake be happy with who you want to be’s your life and your career should not be in the way of this its bullcrap.!!!!!!! Miranda was no angel either!!!!! Take’s two in a marriage!!!!!!!!

    6. Looks aren’t everything its whats in the heart!!!!!!!

    7. Love that I used to do it when I was a little girl

    8. Lara Baleno says:

      Wow what a great pic of blake

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