• Closed Without Even A Notice To It’s Customers: Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Social Is GONE!

    The Beautiful Georgia Landmark Closed It's Doors For Good But Did Something With The Profits That Will Melt Your Heart…

    For what has become a Georgia landmark, many club goers have realized this Senoia hot spot would exist no more.

    A club, owned and operated by Country Singer, Zac Brown, Southern Ground Social Club has found its front doors recently shut down with no possibility of reopening.

    A once in-demand venue for live events and music, the Southern Ground club left audiences in shock, closing doors after four amazing years. The club once served great food, laughs and our hunger for a great night of dancing!

    Zac Brown wouldn't be Zac Brown without that beautiful heart of his. Find out what the club did with proceeds of sale and the special message that came with it, as the team took to Facebook for regular attendees…

    There is some happy and very hopeful news at the end of this article… keep reading to find out more!

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