• Do You Know Your Country Music History?

    Okay, here's a little Country Music Trivia. The artist, himself, sets the scene. Check out these lyrics and tell us both the name of the track and the artist.

    “It all started back in 1981.
    Our life together had just begun.
    I didn't know what my future would hold,
    But you gave me a chance,
    So I set out on the road.”
    This particular song was written in ode to his fans, who have been the driving force behind his career and reason to continue throughout the years.
    The music industry isn't always easy and this Country Music Legend almost gave up a few times. He openly admits that it was because of their support and compassion that he never gave up.
    That said, in 2011, he wrote and dedicated this track to his dedicated fan base… the ones that just wouldn't let him quit. Added to his 27th studio album release, this artist unleashed this track live in the face of fans in appreciation, gratitude and mutual admiration.
    So, have you figured out which Country Music Superstar is in love with his fans and thankful for their existence?

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    1. Of course it’s King George!!

    2. Carol Schiro says:

      I,’ll Always Remember You too George.

    3. The best of the best… George Strait.

    4. Love the man and his music!

    5. Mike Parsons says:

      He’s great. For decades.

    6. Carol Schiro says:

      Nobody better than George Strait. Awesome entertainer.

    7. It’s George Strait..


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