• Swift’s Never Been One To Shy Away From The Limelight, But Are Her Antics Catching Up With Her?

    Taylor Swift: Does America's Sweetheart Have A Shady Side?

    We all met country songstress-turned-pop star Taylor Swift back when she was just a wide-eyed teen. Back then, America fell in love with her innocent persona and musical talent. However, in recent years popular opinion has turned slightly, thanks to a series of rumors and reports that paint the pop superstar in a less-than-flattering light.

    In fact, website Looper recently published a lengthy expose that broke down several of Swift's exploits, to paint a picture that casts doubt on her good girl image. Say it ain't so, Taylor!

    For the dirt on Swift's alleged shady side, please continue to Page (2) for the scoop…

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    1. Jaime Dawn says:

      Just go away already taylor

    2. She’s not country

    3. She acts like she have too have some man around her all the time don’t like her

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