• Willie Nelson Goes Old School With A Tribute To Gershwin… Wait… Who’s That?!

    In a prepared statement, Nelson noted that winning anything with the name Gershwin on it was quite an honor, because the pair were true songwriting legends. Which makes the fact that the award is for songwriting even more special.

    “The Gershwin songs have been here for many many years. When I was just a small guy, I remember hearing all these great Gershwin songs and they’ll be around forever because great music like that just does not go away.”

    Congratulations Willie! If anyone deserves a songwriting award, it's definitely him, and we can't wait to take a listen of the new Gershwin-inspired album. It will be exciting to see a different side of this country legend!

    Article Source: CBS Local

    Photo Source: David McClister, Courtesy Shock Ink


    1. Love how he puts his twist to classics, beautiful

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