• After Stroke Loretta Lynn is Up and Walking About

    Loretta Lynn, a name that is synonymous with country music gave every a major scare earlier this year. Her fans rushed to show their support online but with the country superstars advanced age no one knew what to expect. They simply hoped for the best, sending her all of the prayers and well wishes that they could.

    While her progress is slow and she suffered from immobility in her left side immediately following the stroke her brother says that she is getting better every day.

    “She can talk, and Loretta told me that she thought she’s going to be okay,” Webb said to Closer Weekly. “Her left side was kind of paralyzed, but [she can get around by] herself now, she just has to use a walker.”

    Lynn recently canceled a few more shows but her shows at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on August 24 and 25 are still scheduled. Fans can find out more information about her touring by heading over to her website.

    To tide you over until you have the chance to go out and see her check out some of her music below.


    1. Diana Klose says:

      Thank. God. Amen

    2. Thanks to our Lord Jesus

    3. Praise the Lord,
      Thank you Jesus

    4. Janey Miller says:

      Great news keep it comin’ …

    5. O wow will power god is good

    6. Praise God for answered prayers

    7. Martha Smith says:

      Thank God love you Loretta

    8. Great PRAYERS do work

    9. Ginny Drown says:

      So good to hear

    10. Ann Holloway says:

      Thank god praying for a full recovery

    11. Glad to here that you’re doing good Loretta hope that you continue to do well

    12. Glad to hear God Bless you

    13. God Bless you Loretta !

    14. Linda Cribb says:

      Amen!Glad to hear that.

    15. Amen!Glad to hear that.

    16. Janine Word says:

      Amen thank you God

    17. Peggy Black says:

      glad she’s getting better.

    18. Naomi Dyer says:

      Glad to hear that GOD BLESS her

    19. Alene Burch says:

      So glad ….so love Loretta Lynn !!!!!!

    20. Jo White says:

      God answers prayers. Bless you beautiful lady. May your songs forever live.

    21. God answered our prayers

    22. Bless her! Just visited Loretta’s Kitchen. Got some great souvenirs

    23. Prayers Ms. Loretta

    24. Glad foru Loreta prayers for a speedy recovery.

    25. =i have been praying for her to recover

    26. Bev Yates says:

      Praise the Lord

    27. Praise the Lord Jesus!

    28. Prayers Loretta for you complete healing you are most wonderful lady in country music thank you for all you do love you much Loretta Lynn

    29. Doris Tyson says:

      So glad Loretta is improving , keep finding strengh

    30. That is great. Praying for you Loretta right on

    31. Nancy Dison says:

      Thank God he ancers meney prayers

    32. God bless you. Love your music. I love singing them. Continued prayers for you.

    33. Janet Hiil says:


    34. Are pr eff years are with everyday may the good Lord watch over you and grew up on your music I love good old fashion country music .What they call country now days not country to me.igrew up with your music Tammy ,George jones,MerleHagard and so on

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