• Blake Berglund Song “Crooked Old Earth” Gets Political

    Canadian born Country singer Blake Berglund just released the video for his song Crooked Old Earth” and just as we predicted it is highly political.

    The video shows snippets of war, terror and all sorts of mayhem as he strums and sings along with lyrics such as ” Missing kids and airplanes / Anxiety and hurricanes “  the song is anything but happy go lucky but then again so is the world we live in so one has to ask ourselves if this song isn't the perfect mirror for the society we have created.

    His sound is reminiscent of an older generation. One that has already lived through the tumultuousness of the 60's and 70's and this song reflects just that. It takes the best parts of that old school psychedelic folk rock and adds a sprinkle of that mid 90's country sound. While it may be a little heavy-handed that is the point. It brings to light the current situation and reflects the times. Just as music has always done and will always continue to do.




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