• Blake Shelton ‘Every Time I Hear That Song’ (Official Music Video)

    This song and now accompanying video is why we continue to love Blake Shelton.

    Even after all of the media circus surrounding him the past year or so he continually reminds us of why we still love him.

    This music video was written by Nashville songwriting heavy hitters such as Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey, Brad Warren and Brett Warren is a masterpiece of design and we couldn't imagine it being sung by anyone other than Blake.

    “Every time I hear that song I’m standing in the pouring rain / On your front lawn and oh-oh-oh / I still think about you oh-oh-oh / Every time I hear that song / It’s like the first time it came on and oh-oh-oh / I still think about you oh-oh-oh / I still think about you,” he croons in the chorus of the song.

    While Shelton himself did not write the song he sings it with such conviction that you have to wonder what is going through his mind when he is belting it out.

    Shelton debuted the song on television when he performed it on the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, where he became the first country act to take home the award for Favorite Album and his second consecutive title for Favorite Male Country Artist.

    The song is sure to be a staple on his upcoming tour which begins in Bakersfield, Ca next week.


    1. Love that song and his singing

    2. Love Blake. Please don’t Mary Quinn, big mistake big mistake

    3. Love this song ………..

    4. JT Western says:

      I love all of Blake’s Songs

    5. Doris Hays says:

      An amazing song just like the man that sings it

    6. Mary Kelly says:

      Love this song I just plan love Blake Shelton

    7. Great picture love his singing

    8. I love your music and your eyes

    9. Love that song and every song that you have put out. I love your personality. I hope one day I’ll be able to see you in concert, here in South Carolina.

    10. Ann Britt says:

      Love this song!!!!

    11. Sherry Noe says:

      Love it and Blake too. His choice in women is something else. Is buiness.

    12. Sharon Snow says:

      I love you Blake……your my native Oklahoma buddy !!! I’m from Tulsa. You’re the BEST !!! Look foward to another season of The Voice ! ❤

    13. It doesn’t get any better Blake is still the traditional country singer love it keep on Blake you are one of the best

    14. Love all BLAKE SHELTON music and especially this one. Love you BLAKE SHELTON

    15. I love ❤️ this man

    16. Mary Hibsch says:

      Im happy for Blake and Gwen. God bless you both and your family always.

    17. Debra Moore says:

      Blake IS the man!!! I love all of his music! Awesome!

    18. Love this song and I love Blake Shelton!!

    19. JT Western says:

      I love Blake singing.

    20. I love all Blake’s music

    21. I’ve wondered if, in the back of his mind, he had Miranda in mind? Can’t help but hope he and Miranda get back together someday ❤️

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