• Dolly Parton & Bette Midler’s Funny Rendition of Islands in the Stream

    There is no doubt that Dolly Parton is a force to be reckoned with. Her larger than life personality and down-home southern charm have made her the belle of the ball for decades.

    She is also one who has many powerful and just as talented friends. To confirm that all you have to do is look at her catalog of music and you will see names on there that reads like the who's who of music legends.

    Over the course of her career, she has made many a guest appearance. so many I imagine she has lost count but thankfully the internet never forgets.

    Enter Bette Midler.

    Back in early 2000's Midler had a show that was pure fiction but characters were based on her own life. In this episode,  the main character Bette was good friends with no other than the country queen herself, Dolly Parton. Friends in real life it wasn't hard to convince Dolly to appear on the show especially when she heard what the Icon had in mind.

    There really is no way to explain it so I will just let you watch for yourself.



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    1. Debbie White says:

      Love the movie and sounds track

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