• Garth Brooks Shares He Would Perform at Trump Inauguration If Asked

    Garth Brooks has always been great and the fact that he would perform at Trump Inauguration if asked just might make him even better!

    There is so much to love about Garth Brooks. He is ridiculously talented with a total of seven diamond albums in the U.S. All of his songs are full of emotion that we can't help but be moved. He truly is one of a kind.

    The thing that we might like even more than his fantastic music he is a great person. That's why when we heard that he said he would perform at Trump's Inauguration if he is asked, we couldn't help but love him even more. He really tries to see the best in people no matter what the situation. He puts his feelings aside and just does what he thinks is the right thing to do. This makes him not only a great country music star but so inspiring too.

    To find out what he had to say about if he was asked to perform at the inauguration, please head over to page two for all the details…

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    1. I love his music..but I want watch anything about Trump

    2. Judy Summers says:

      Come on now, I did not vote for Trump, but like it or not he is my president on Janurary 20th and his success as president will hopefully benefit us all.

    3. Judy Summers says:

      I will watch Garth perform whenever I get the opportunity to.

    4. Well that’s disappointing.

    5. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

    6. Judy Shope says:

      Won’t be watching the inauguration. I respect whoever performs. The only way I’d watch is if a drunken knife thrower from a carnival/circus gets to use Trump as the standing person.

    7. why can’t more people be like this

    8. He is such a stand up guy….

    9. Ron Iverson says:

      You have gained my respect again.

    10. That would be Great!!!

    11. You lost me. I’ll never buy your crap again.

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