• HEE-HAW Could Be Coming Back To Television

    I remember watching this show with my grandmother and we would just laugh and laugh. She loved this show and I loved not just the show but spending time with her. Now that she is gone it is one of the best memories I have with her.

    The show ran for 30 years and may be on its way back with a brand new cast which makes fans of the show super excited.

    “We think humor around country [music] is a good thing,” CEO Colin Reed said at the City Winery in Nashville. “We want to be in the content-distribution business and communicate country music and humor to people who don’t see this stuff.”

    Since CMT has had steady success with its Nashville audience they are looking to expand and see what else the public would be interested in and they feel that right now comedy would be a much-needed item on the list.

    While nothing is set in stone just yet there are talks and it is looking promising so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that if they do bring it back they will have a cast as amazing as the original one.

    Personally, I hope the trend continues and we can eventually see a Dukes of Hazzard remake…who's with me!



    1. Cindy you always laughed so much as a child!! Still do!! Only one of the reasons I love you!!!

    2. I think it’s about time love that show

    3. Wes Shankle says:

      Watch it every Sunday night on RFD channel.

    4. No say it could be anywhere near as good as it used to be. No country “stars” anymore, just “singers”. The few STARS left don’t have time for this.

    5. loved that show , would be nice to see it again if it were the same as it used to be , so sad but true

    6. Marie Taylor says:

      I wish they would. I enjoy the reruns on Sunday night.

    7. I still watch hee haw

    8. Max Dunn says:

      Why yes i grew up on hee haw

    9. Yes, we need more family type shows. Not so many NCIS or CSI or LAdies in LA, NY or GA???

    10. Nell Burt says:

      we rode the Bull an we shoot some too korn field county gonna pull you threw hee haw honkytonk usa son

    11. Hope so.
      They don’t have the talent to pull it off now days.

    12. At least it will be something good to watch!!

    13. Butch Morse says:

      Awesome I love this show

    14. Naomi Dyer says:

      That would be great

    15. Naomi Dyer says:

      I like Ncis. A CSi

    16. Naomi Dyer says:

      HEE HAW. had good music. A. Was. Funny.

    17. I dont care about a new series just bring back old reruns i. Like the old singers better then the new ones

    18. Rhonda Hans says:

      Reruns would be just wonderful!!

    19. Ann Williams says:

      It would never fly invthese times, not the way it was produced before! It was pretty silly and struggled to stay afloat back then

    20. Penny Smith says:

      I loved that show, but people today just aren’t happy with simple good humor.

    21. Ray Stagner says:

      I can get reruns on cable channel RFD

    22. Frank Corso says:

      I care absolutely bring it back the original series was great I’m all for living in the Here and Now Hee Haw will always be a classic it showcased some of the greatest country music artists in the world and there’s no reason why that should stop bring it let’s see what you got

    23. Verl Garver says:

      I loved that show hee haw

    24. Never be the same!

    25. Bill Oliver says:

      Never new it left

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