• Home Free- Ring of Fire Tribute To Johnny Cash

    Whenever artists, whether country or otherwise, want to do a cover of a song originally sung by a musical legend there is one name that I can guarantee you one name that always comes up.

    Johnny Cash.

    The same is true when acapella group Home Free had to decide what song they wanted to record. I will admit the first few seconds I hesitated because no one can sing Johnny Cash better than Johnny Cash but after the first few bars, I was digging it. So much so that I had to share it with you. Now again, no one can do it better than the original Man in Black but these guys did one helluva job honoring the music legend.

    See for yourself.

    Source: Home Free


    1. I am a very huge fan of Johnny Cash. I know you guys just trying to do the song justice but I’m sorry I just do not like it.

    2. Frances Corn says:

      Thank you so much.
      Genoa Ar.

    3. I love hearing you guys. And watching how you do the sounds. Please keep singing and coming on Facebook.

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