• Jos Abbott Sings Sweetly to New Daughter & The Internet Melts

    This may be the cutest thing on the internet right now!

    Be still my heart! Josh Abbott posted yesterday a short video of himself talking to what can only be described as one of the world's cutest babies who did not hesitate to talk back.

    Celebrating the birth of his first daughter I think we can all see how incredibly over the moon he is right now. You can hear the fatherly love in his voice as he gushes over this bright eyed beauty.

    “You changed my whole life!” he says, with the camera focused on Emery, who smiles and coos back at him. “What do you think you’re doing? Do you think you can just come into my life and change it?”

    Emery Farryn was born to Abbott and his girlfriend Taylor Parnell on May 5, 2017. Her unusual name has a great meaning: “brave adventure.” When asked about the creativity behind her name Abbott had this to say.

    “We wanted to do something similar with a girl name to how my brother named his daughter Eisley Dawn, which means ‘Cheerful Beginnings,’” Abbott says. “And the word ‘brave’ is a word I used to describe Taylor in a song I wrote for her, ‘I’m Your Only Flaw,’ on the new album coming out this year.”

    Yep…I baby talk…I can't help it! Singing to her is my favorite thing to do these days #BraveAdventures

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