• Old Fashioned Shootouts, Lawsuits and Country Music: Name that Icon

    Rumors are bound to follow anyone who lives in the limelight. People flock to you like moths to a flame. Some sincerely enjoy your artistry and contributions to music. Others simply want to be around someone who has achieved greatness, hoping that the light will shine on them as well. Then there are those select few who will lure you into bed only to get angry at you afterward for not marrying them  so you decide to sue them in retaliation.

    It may sound oddly specific however that is just one of the plethora of stories that our country music icon has lived through. There has been more drama surrounding this person than really any other country star I have heard of. Now if he could just remember most of it.

    Have you figured it out yet?

    He is someone who has gotten into fights with family members and we are not talking the political arguments over the holiday dinner we are talking the kind of conversation that includes bullets and police officers. Then again I guess if you are this  person that is something you can get away with.

    Give up? Okay fine, here he is in all of his glory. Your country music icon:

    Willie Nelson!


    Video Source Taste of Country

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