• Parmalee Gives a Travis Tritt Classic a Makeover & The Lyrics are Ridiculous

    It'a all in good fun.

    Recently the co0untry sensation Parmalee gave Travis Tritt's old classic “Here's a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares” hit a new makeover.

    Adding in things that would be relevant today they updated this old tune to something that the millennials could relate to. After all most of them have never even seen a pay phone let alone used one before!

    So adding in witty lyrics and some current means of communication via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram the group has brought the country hit into the 21st century.

    The group can be seen trying not to break out in laughter as they sing. My guess is they are realizing how ridiculous the song sounds to anyone who is a fan of the original. Watch as they can no longer contain the laughter near the end and almost can't even finish the song.

    Thank God For The Original!

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