• Reba McEntire- Fancy

    There is not one fan of country music who is not aware of this smash hit! There are some however who are unaware that the version sung by icon Reba McEntire is actually a cover of the original Bobbie Gentry. song released in 1968. It was widely successful upon it's original release but then skyrocketed 20 years later after its remake in 1991!

    The song caused a stir as its lyrics touch the core of the human struggle and how far we will go to change the course of our destiny.

    Gentry had this to say regarding her song

    “‘Fancy’ is my strongest statement for women’s lib, if you really listen to it,” she said. “I agree wholeheartedly with that movement and all the serious issues that they stand for — equality, equal pay, day care centers, and abortion rights.”

    In an interview with Bobby Bones Reba discusses her love for the song:

    “I love Fancy. The first time I ever heard it I fell in love with it because I like story songs. Fancy was big in 1968 and later on in years when I got to start recording and singing old songs I wanted to do Fancy.”

    Do you remember this song? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.




    1. Yes it was but all her songs are good. There will never be another Reba

    2. She is a ALSOME singer

    3. Betty DuBois says:

      So true. She is the best. Love seeing her in concerts. No there will never be another.

    4. Yes love that song

    5. Marie Tonry says:

      So so true but Ms.Reba could sing a phone book and get a #1 CD

    6. Love the song and video see her sing In person and she sang it so beautiful

    7. Bennie Mills says:

      I am not a Reba fan!

    8. Can’t stand her

    9. JoAnn Hoyt says:

      do not like her or her music

    10. Carla Bell says:

      Love Reba!Great Song!

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