• Ronnie Dunn’s Song ‘I Worship The Woman You Walked’ On Is An Instant Hit

    This Country Icon Proves He's Still Got It!

    Country legend Ronnie Dunn is probably best known as one-half of the superstar country duo Brooks & Dunn. After all, this powerhouse group ruled the country charts in the 1990s and had a profound impact on the country sound of that decade. So, fans were understandably dismayed when they pair announced their split a while back. Many of their fans probably thought once they went their separate ways they wouldn't hear much from them again, as many performers can't replicate the success they enjoyed as part of a group once they strike out on their own.

    However, Dunn is one of the rare few proving this assumption wrong, and thriving in his newfound solo efforts. His latest single “I Worship the Woman You Walked On,” is a moving and soulful country ballad that has country fans getting all emotional when they hear it. And it's no wonder why, because with this song Dunn proves that he still has that talent and soul that made him a star all those years ago.

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    1. Sandy Isbell says:

      Awesome!! Love it!!!

    2. Love this song and him! He is so good

    3. Love it. He sings so Good

    4. Yes l have heard this one it’s great

    5. What has he done to his hair !

    6. Jane Thomas says:

      Went on YouTube to listen. Loved it. Then listened to about a dozen more Ronnie Dunn tunes. Now I need a bourbon and coke! Love that voice!

    7. Judy McNeil says:


    8. Beautiful song – yup I cried

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