• Rory Fleek Plays in Public For The First Time Since Wife’s Death

    It's been more than a year since Country singer Joey Feek’s death and since that time her husband and singing partner Rory has not played one note of music publically.

    That is until now.

    His emotional interview with CBS This Morning ended with him doing something no one thought he would do…he picked up a guitar and performed an unreleased song titled “I Like the Sound of That”

    “You say you see it all so clear / We’re gonna laugh and cry some tears…” Feek sings, stopping mid-line to visibly pull himself together before continuing, “And line the walls with 50 years of photographs / I like the sound of that.”

    It's been a long hard road to playing again and even doing so privately was impossible at times.

    “I’ve had someone hand me a guitar from time to time, but I begrudgingly just pass it on to the next person,” Feek tells co-host Anthony Mason.

    So what changed?

    He picked up a guitar again after being inspired by hearing a church group play a Joey + Rory song.

    “And so later that night when the baby was in bed, I got my wife’s guitar down off the wall. Pretty soon an hour had gone by and I’d probably sang about a dozen songs that I hadn’t sang in a year or so. And it felt pretty good. Then I just hung it back up,” Feek says.

    While there are no new projects for him in the works he is working hard to keep his wife's legacy alive by working to release an album she had tucked away for more than a decade as well as a book and documentary with dates to be determined.

    Check out his emotional performance here as he honors his wife's memory.




    1. Rory, each time you sing will get easier and make you stronger.
      GOD BLESS!!!

    2. It’s not fleek…’s feek!!

    3. Peggy Black says:

      good job Rory feek.

    4. I just watched the movie last night so heartbreaking

    5. God bless him, what a wonderful love story that ended too soon. He has a sweet little girl that keeps him busy . God bless them both. Joey is smiling down on them.

    6. Vernon Smith says:

      Why is the Video on FB ‘ if its Private ???

    7. Are. Perry. Go. Out. To. Him.

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