• Shania’s “Poor Me” is the Heartbreak Ballad Fans Wanted

    Many have waited a long time to hear from her and now she is baring all on her latest album NOW.

    This new release finds Twain in shock after she discovers a significant other is being unfaithful with another woman. It's a reflective song looking back at her lowest point, when shock, depression, heartbreak, and self-pity are at the core of every thought.

    While the song is very good it leans more towards the melancholy adult contemporary rather than the traditional country but her career is a huge crossover success so it comes as no surprise that she would continue on in the same vein as before.

    While the video below is by no means her official release but it gives you a feel for the song as you can read the lyrics as she sings.

    “Poor me this and poor me that / It’s not white, it’s not black / Gray’s the color that I see / Still can’t believe he’d leave me / To love her,


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