• Terri Clark- Better Things To Do

    I remember the first time I heard Terri Clark sing was in the summer of 1995. Her song I've Got Better Things To Do” was the southern girls break up anthem! You couldn't turn on a country radio station without hearing it being belted out across the airwaves.

    The Canadian born country star wowed us with her talent and the country music scene fell in love with her solid country sound. She went on to win Best New Artist from the CMA's that year and continued to release hit after hit.

    Don't tell me the reason that you're calling
    Is to see if I'm all right since you've been gone
    ‘Cause I know you and I know why we're talking
    You're wanting me to say I'm barely hanging on
    Well, maybe that was true for a night or two
    But now, I got better things to do


    I could wash my car in the rain
    Change my new guitar strings
    Mow the yard just the same as I did yesterday
    I don't need to waste my time crying over you
    I got better things to do

    Maybe when I don't have so much going
    Or quite so many irons in the fire
    I'll take the time to miss you like you're hoping
    But now, I can't put forth the effort it requires
    Well, I'd love to talk to you, but then, I'd miss Donahue
    That's right, I got better things to do


    Check the air in my tires
    Straighten my stereo wires
    Count the stars in the sky or just get on with my life
    I don't need to waste my time crying over you
    I got better things to do
    I got better things to do

    Do you remember this song? Let us know in the comments below.



    1. What happen to Terry she has a great voice

    2. Mary Ballard says:

      Loved the video to this song.

    3. yeah what happen to terry I loved her song.

    4. Kay Hines says:

      She was really good

    5. Sheri Kay says:

      I remember that song

    6. Love this song always and forever

    7. LOVE her songs I wish they would bring them all backagain.

    8. Naomi Dyer says:

      Loved her music.

    9. Lynn Wright says:

      Love this girl!!

    10. Wish she was Still making music

    11. Penny Smith says:

      Really like her music.

    12. Still one of my favorites

    13. She’s awesome! Where is she now?

    14. Eva Billy says:

      Love this song and Terri

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