• Trace Adkins Newest Single Watered Down and Tour Dates

    Trace Adkins is a name that is known throughout the world of country music. His gruff appearance and towering height are intimidating to anyone who doesn't know him, and even to some of those that do. But anyone who knows his music knows that beneath that rugged exterior is the soul of a country crooner.

    His latest single Watered Down reflects a point in life that we all reach some point. It reflects on those moments of settling down, getting married and raising a little less hell. Something Adkins knows very well.  “I don’t go all in, but I’ll take a gamble / And I don’t burn both ends of the candle anymore … We still like our whiskey / Now it’s just a little watered down.”

    This is the first single off of his 12th studio album which drops March 31st it is an intimate look inside the mind of this country star.

    “When I first heard “Watered Down,” I felt an immediate connection with what I wanted to say,” Adkins explains. “A man comes to a point in his life where he begins to reflect on his past and what he’s learned, and that’s what fueled this song. If you’ve led the kind of life I’ve led, at some point you have to temper your vices.”

    To see a list of tour dates as well as the video for watered down we have compiled those for you on the next page.

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    1. There is no words or expression to say about this song , but very meaningful and lovely song.

    2. Arlene Axe says:

      Love this s man he is awesome

    3. You are very good. Love you Trace Adkins. Can’t wait to see you.

    4. I have listened to it thee times it gets better each time sweet giant

    5. Betty Smith says:

      Love the Song & video Trace

    6. Rhonda Bryan says:

      Love you Trace Adkins! Can’t wait to here your new music!!!

    7. I love it its awesome trace

    8. Eula Grimes says:


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