• Words Were Used and Feelings Were Hurt

    A look at one of our favorite internet celebrities is back at it again. Dropping bombs of truth across America. This time he is hitting the topic of those offended by his views and proves why we love him so much! If only people would listen.


    SourceĀ Chad Prather



    1. Mary Wyatt says:

      You are finished with me! If you don’t know you voted for someone who had help from Russia, then, yes you are a dumb redneck!

    2. Janice Ivy says:

      Where is your proof? Is it because the whole world had access to Hillary’s e mails because she violated every security code by using an unsecured server? Or was it because the United States as well as every other country has the capability to “hack” and uses it. Or it because the US has known about this “hacking” for years but never cared until They needed an excuse for loosing? And, please explain to all of us HOW Russian hacking helped Trump to win? Did they rig the voting machines? ( no that was Soros). Did they encourage illegals to vote? ( no that was Obama). Did they give Trump the questions in advance at the debates? ( no CNN did that for Hillary). Or maybe Putin held guns to our heads and forced us to vote for Trump! You people need to do some serious thinking before you speak!

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