• Reba’s Busy Year: A Return To Television & New Album in The Works

    They don't call her the queen of country for nothing!

    Her long enduring career has taken her down many roads, and we as fans have had the pleasure of watching it all unfold. She has released albums, made movies, been on television and entertained audiences for decades. And now, she's back for more!

    She is one of those rare talents who has not diminished as time has gone by but she has blossomed and grown each step of the way. Always pushing herself and her creativity to new limits never allowing the obstacles in her path to stop her from doing what she loves.

    We have compiled for you on the next page a sneak peek into her upcoming album and some information on her new television series.

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    1. Ugh..she can sing..but acting isnt her thing. I dont think shes funny at all.

    2. Frances Corn says:

      Thank you so much.
      Genoa Ar.

    3. Kelly Wiese says:

      Hello reba love ya

    4. Reba we have missed you on all aspects thank you for coming back and doing what you do best

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