• Reba’s Busy Year: A Return To Television & New Album in The Works

    Oh Reba, we have missed you! While you have not been completely out of the

    While you have not been completely out of the limelight it has been awhile since she has released a new album and even longer since we have seen her carry a television series. Reba is no stranger to hard work and long hours. With multiple albums, music tours, movie appearances, television cameos and even shows centered around the legend herself she is back for more.

    This time teaming up with super-producer Marc Cherry she is back on ABC nighttime for a drama set in Kentucky where she will be playing Sherriff of a small town. While her last show, Reba, was light hearted and only touching on the serious this one will be the opposite. Labeled a soap/drama her acting chops will be put to the test with a script that deals with many heavy topics and deep storylines.

    On top of this her new album Sing It Now: Songs of Faith and Hope is also set for release 2/3/2017! This song will showcase her inspirational side

    “Music conjures up great memories and goes hand and hand with us McEntires,” said Reba. “Mama, Susie and Alice even came into the studio with me to record ‘I’ll Fly Away,’ all of us gathered around an old hymnal straight from the Chockie church.”

    Source: Taste of Country




    1. Ugh..she can sing..but acting isnt her thing. I dont think shes funny at all.

    2. Frances Corn says:

      Thank you so much.
      Genoa Ar.

    3. Kelly Wiese says:

      Hello reba love ya

    4. Reba we have missed you on all aspects thank you for coming back and doing what you do best

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